The Movies: Going it Alone

Going to the movies can be a whole ordeal.

Often times, I’ll want to go see a movie that none of my friends have any interest in. Or, I’ll have an opening in my schedule to make a night at the cinema, but nobody else is able. Or, I want to see The Last Jedi for the fourth time and none of my friends feel like giving Disney any more of their money. What do I do?

Answer: go anyway.

I realized several years ago that going to the movies as a exclusively as a social activity didn’t make a ton of sense. Other than the 15 odd minutes before the film as you wait for the trailers to start, you really shouldn’t be socializing that much during the screening of a movie.

IMG_0055So why was it always so taboo? I feel even now, many of my friends see going to a theatre alone as sort of weird, as though people at the theatre who see you by yourself will assume you have no friends.

When I began spelling it out like that, I realized how absurd the notion was; that being in a cinema alone meant you were some kind of weird loser.


Forget the social stigma for a moment, and really weigh out the benefits:

You see whatever movie you want.

You go for whatever time you want.

You don’t have to share any snacks.

I saw The Last Jedi on its release day in 2017. Because I am who I am, I then went and saw it three more times. Only one of those times was with a friend, but I had an absolute blast. every. single. time.

So give it a shot! It was a real confidence booster to comfortably walk out of the theatre having braved the solo movie experience for the first time about 4 years ago. After breaking that initial barrier, subsequent solo movie trips have been a breeze and are something I always look forward too.

Let me know what you think about going to the movies by yourself.! What scares you about it? Would you consider it for a movie you really really wanted to see?


4 thoughts

  1. I think I would give it a go! I’m one of those annoying people who talk and discuss throughout the movie (I’m SORRY), so it would probably be good for me. Next movie I REALLY want to see, I may just give it a try. No scary movies, though. Not alone anyway.


  2. I’ve never really considered going to the movies alone before but you definitely convinced me with “you don’t have to share snacks” There’s so many movies i’ve wanted to see but couldn’t find anyone to go with and I never felt like I had the option to go alone. I will try this out next time for sure!


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