Making Time for You

Let’s talk about making time for yourself.

And when I say “make time”, I really mean it. Too often, people – especially those tend to be more social than myself – will avoid time alone out of an aversion for boredom. We talked about this when discussing podcasts, that being by yourself can feel pointless, meandering, and ultimately a waste of time that could be better spent with others.

Where I think the trouble lies in this, is in the idea that your alone time isn’t equally as valuable. Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between, the first step to becoming comfortable by yourself is in realizing the value in your personal time.

So how do we do this?

By making time.

Being alone isn’t a waste if you put forth the effort and make the alone experience worth it. It can take some practice, and planning for a night alone will feel odd and unnatural for many, but I think it’s something we can all benefit from learning how to do.

Eric enjoying his own alone time

Last Friday night, I chose to stay home and make some of this time myself. I got out my Christmas decorations, I lit some candles, I poured a glass (or five) of wine, and watched esports. It was the end of a long day and a much longer week, and I knew that what time I had left of the week to enjoy should be made as valuable as possible.

IMG_0441Really, that’s all it comes down to: finding things you value in life, and allowing yourself the time to enjoy them. For me it was putting up my Christmas tree, enjoying some wine, and really making a night for myself.

I’m sure this all comes off as super cliché, but I do think this is something we all too often forget, that regardless of how intro/extroverted you are, it’s ultimately up to you to make your own time, and to find your own value in solitude.

So, pick a night! Buy some snacks or some beer, find a movie or knit a scarf, do whatever you want. There may only be 24 hours in a day, but it’s up to you to decide how you spend them.


3 thoughts

  1. Well said. I’m not sure taking time for oneself is the cliche anymore. I wonder if the cliche is the social connecting, the social life people believe they need in order to feel validated. Time for stillness is revitalizing. Now, throw in a good book and there is a good evening in the making

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  2. Well said, Trev. I’m a huge extrovert and I even know how important it is to take time for yourself. I think it’s such an underrated concept cause people are scared to be alone, but I agree that it’s totally necessary. Great post!

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