I Tried a Yoga Class (and it was kinda fun?)

I’ve spoken about the things I love to do alone.

I’ve also spoken about the things I hate alone, or am scared of.

After writing last week though, I began to think:

What about the things I haven’t tried? The things I’ve never experienced at all, let alone by myself?

And it’s true, while I’m proud of how much I’ve been able to experience alone, there is still a lot in this world and even right in this city that I’ve never even tried.


Exercising alone is pretty common, but fitness classes have always intimidated me. I’m what most people would consider not athletic. Despite how much time I spend on video games, my fine motor skills are just about as awkward as my social demeanour. Group all of that together, and you get a boy who has always been pretty positive that he’d make a fool of himself in any sort of group fitness activity.

So I tried yoga. I figured that my first foray into an exercise class should be with the activity that mostly involves standing completely still. As it turns out, I absolutely loved it.

The class was offered through my school’s recreation facility, Western Sports & Recreation Services, and cost me $15 for the 50 minute class. A little more expensive than I was expecting, but whatever. Live a little I told myself. I tried to take photos, but was promptly yelled at by a staff member for breaking the gym’s photo/privacy policy. Whoops.

What I wasn’t expecting but was pleasantly surprised to see upon entering the studio, was just how many people came alone; about half of the class. Even those that came in pairs were effectively solo, as theres not a lot of socializing to be done when the instructor has you bury your head in between your ankles.

I know this may seem pretty lame to many of you. I’ve literally crossed the continent alone with no issues, but it took me this long to work up to attending a yoga class.

Well here is the kicker: I’m probably going to do it again.

I actually really enjoyed myself. The exercise wasn’t super demanding, and in conjunction with how many of us were there alone, there wasn’t really a lot of opportunity to make a fool of myself for a group of yogis.

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