About Me

EditWho Am I?

My name is Trevor DeHaan. I am 23 years old, and live in London, Ontario, Canada. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Cross-Disciplinary Studies from Western University, where I studied media relations, digital communications, and journalism. I am currently enrolled in a post-degree diploma in Public Relations through Western Continuing Studies, a certification I will complete in April of 2019.

Alone, but not Lonely.

I think there is a genuine art in making the best out of your alone time.

I understand that everybody draws their energy from different sources. For many, “recharging” can mean going our for a drink with friends. For others, a fun-filled night at a bar. For myself and others who consider themselves introverts, recharging usually just means a night alone in the comfort of home.

Regardless of how people prefer to spend their leisure time however, we always have at least some time spent totally alone. Sometimes, nobody is in the mood for a bar. Sometimes we fall ill, and may be forced to stay in for some alone time. No matter the circumstance, we all find ourselves in situations where we’re separate from family and friends and need to make due, and that’s where I’m hoping to help. I value my alone time  more than anything, and I think all young adults can find this same value in their own independence.

In this blog, I’ll share my own tips and strategies for maximizing the enjoyment of our time spent alone. Humans constantly seek social validation; this is totally natural, and often leads to us avoiding potentially fun situations simply due to a lack of outside social influence. I hope to address these situations and explain how even the most extroverted of us serve to benefit from trying things out alone, and placing a higher value on our independence.

Why “DeHaan Solo”?

I have a bit of an obsession with Star Wars.

The first movie I ever watched was Episode IV: A New Hope, a film that I would watch on repeat for years and years. To this day, I still love the universe, characters, and stories told in the films, TV shows, and books to the point that I had genuine joyful tears during most of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Han Solo, my favourite character, conveniently shares the phonetics of his name with that of my own. When paired with the concept behind this blog, a look into the best of SOLO living, the name really made sense to me. It captures my interests, adorations, and lifestyle in one perfect little package.